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Dine Around at Costa Navarino
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Costa Navarino

Restaurants & Bars

A wealth of fresh, organically grown ingredients and a devotion to authentic gourmet cooking define the dining experience at Costa Navarino. Eat well in a stunning variety of exclusive dining venues, where our award-winning chefs serve a range of ethnic, continental, Greek fusion and local fare based on the lush flavors of the area's countryside and the finest Kalamata olive-oil.

Age-old recipes, treasured for their health benefits and nutritional value vie for diners' attention with contemporary culinary explorations. Private dinners or romantic dinners against a backdrop of spectacular vistas or on secluded beaches, completely immerse the senses in the spirit of Messinia.
  • Kindly note that restaurants operate on a weekly basis and may not all be open at the same time during various seasons and periods throughout the year.
  • Morias
  • Onuki
  • Taverna
  • 1827 Lounge & Bar
  • Barbouni
  • Kooc
  • Da Luigi
  • Branco Bar
More Experiences
Wine Experience
Fine Wines by the Glass Enjoy Your Favorite Wine By The Glass Our Coravin system keeps wines in perfect condition, giving us the ability to serve fine wines by the glass. Choose from our cellar diverse varietals, brands and vintages, and enjoy your favorite wine by the glass at Flame restaurant.
Man holding glass of red wine
Crafted at Westin
Handcrafted Cocktails A lot goes into every crafted cocktail at The Westin Resort Costa Navarino. That includes natural, local and artisanal ingredients. All selected to maximize flavor and freshness. And, of course, each drink is expertly mixed, shaken or stirred. Drink up. It's all good.
Morias breakfast bar