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Wine Sommeliers 
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Manos Kentikelenis

Emmanouil Kentikelenis

Costa Navarino Head Sommelier


"Wine is not a destination but a constant journey, an inner passion, and a driving force. As a sommelier, wine has always been the ultimate means of creating solid bonds, connecting personalities and experiences through unforgettable moments. Wine is the best way and the most fantastic cultural channel for creating relationships with people who want to discover and live in a hospitable but unexplored world consisting of varieties of grapes, regions, and vineyards. Even after so many years in the wine industry, I feel that there is still a lot to be revealed, and that is why I continue to study, raising my glass to all the experiences that wine has given me, and I look forward to the next challenge."

Georgios Zarkadas Flame Restaurant Sommelier

Georgios Zarkadas

Flame Restaurant Sommelier


"Wine is an unbreakable piece of the Messinian hospitality. Every bottle hides a story to be shared, a secret to be revealed, a bespoke adventure to be experienced... and the journey never ends! There is always something new to taste, another wine region to be explored, one more variety to try, so I guess sommelier was the perfect fit to always keep my curious nature motivated. But what I love most, is the small ritual behind each bottle's service. The way they are kept safe in our cellar, waiting to be chosen from our guests; the careful preparation of the glass, for the Messinian light to freely pass through; the sound of the corkscrew removing the cork; the first pour; the smell of the wine and the first ship... all those small elements are the ultimate way for me to take care of our guests, creating authentic moments and unique gastronomic experiences"

Konstantinos Hatzimitakos

Konstantinos Hatzimitakos

Da Luigi Restaurant Junior Sommelier


"Wine is a way of discovering places, traditions, and gastronomy from all over the world, through our least used and underrated senses of smelling and tasting. Defined as a constant research of the ‘‘hidden gems'' around the global wine world. The moment I discovered what happened behind the scenes during my first wine courses was a moment of epiphany for me. Since then, wine is my constant motivation, to learn as much as I can about it, share it with other people and chase my dream to reach the most prestigious titles in the wine industry."

Georgios Giannakopoulos

Georgios Giannakopoulos

Morias Restaurant Commis Sommelier


"I was born in a small village in Messinia and raised by a rural family. I lived the cultivation of the wine from the pruning to the pressing and the fermentation of the wine in the small cellar of our house. This sense of the ultimate celebration that wine brings to people around a table has taken off since July 2010 when I had the honor of serving wine to the glasses of Costa Navarino beloved guests. And as someone well said before, wine gets better with time. Growing up, I like it more."